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Originally Posted by Maikana View Post
Any idea when this may get released in an updated community pack? Iím iPad only so I canít install until it does.
Once we're done with MTOF, we'll try and push a new release. I'm actively working on that.

Originally Posted by Luirru View Post
While I am not on the iPad (PC here) I am not sure how to do it other than through the community pack. Could I get some help on it maybe? I put them in the 5E custom data and it did not change how anything when I opened a new Hero Lab.
Did you go to "Configure Hero" and select the appropriate sources for that Hero? New stuff wont show up until you tell Hero Lab the hero should have access to that new stuff.

Originally Posted by Darkrin View Post
I followed that and put everything in a txt file but I cant find the .user files in my hero lab install any suggestions?
The text files must then be saved as .user files, with the same file name as they display on the GitHub.

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