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- I produce content on three different machines depending on where I am. I know RW comes with some cloud storage to begin, but is it relatively easy to either sync it up via Google Drive, or to move files from place to place to keep everything up to date?
Lonewolf offers its own cloud service for RW. If you use it with multiple computers, you have to remember to sync each computer with the cloud before opening the realm and after closing the realm. If you make an edit on computer #1, and do not sync, then try to open that realm on computer #2, you're going to have issues. You'll have to go back to computer #1 to sync.

Syncing with the cloud is not automatic. It's a single click to sync any given realm, or a single click to sync all realms, but you still have to click. It's not a big deal at all to do it, you just have to remember to do it.

If you don't use the cloud service, you're going to have to do manual backups, transfers and restores of the database, and that's going to be a hassle. Unlike cloud sync, this process will not protect you from accidentally reverting to an older copy of your realm. If your latest updates are on computer #1, and you accidentally transfer from computer #2 to computer #1, you've just lost your updates.

- I worry about software no longer being supported (and of course hope that doesn't happen for the developers). Would one say RW is relatively well supported with updates and the like? And if it were to stop being supported, is it in a state now where it can stand alone well enough?
RW is no longer under active development. You can expect no feature updates. No future enhancements or improvements. It seems they're still supporting the software with bug fixes, but that's the most you can expect.

-RW can integrate with HeroLab. I checked HeroLab and saw it has integration with Pathfinder. I would assume other 3.5 content would have to be entered in by me? I'm really not looking for something to run combat for me, I prefer to do that with dice and paper for nostalgia sake But would you say HeroLab is almost a must with RW simply for being able to integrate stats directly into RW easily?
The integration with Hero Lab is useful if you use Hero Lab. If you don't use Hero Lab, the integration will be trivial. You can simply enter your own stat blocks, as needed, for characters, NPCs and monsters.
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