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Hi folks,

I've been doing some research on Realm Works and had a few questions. I've done a bit of digging for some of the answers, but figured it might be best to go to the folks who use the tool outright.

I'm a GM who is using the d20 3.5 system with a mix of some Pathfinder content. Currently I've been using OneNote has the means for managing my campaign, which is a homebrew one. Like most campaigns, it has a lot of NPCs, locations, etc etc. One of the biggest challenges I'm encountering with what I have right now is keeping track of everything.

Also, there are several layers to what happens in my sessions. There are four players physically present, and one who plays remotely via a conference call software. I also use a virtual tabletop that I put on the screen for everyone to see to manage the battles, locations of characters, etc. So whatever I can do to streamline aspects of the game would be a big help.

It seems like Realm Works would help me keep track of the world as it continues to expand while we play with the use of the links and tags and stop me from having to click through OneNote or dig through books. I know it would involve me entering in a lot of data at the start, that's no problem.

My questions are these:

- I produce content on three different machines depending on where I am. I know RW comes with some cloud storage to begin, but is it relatively easy to either sync it up via Google Drive, or to move files from place to place to keep everything up to date?

- I worry about software no longer being supported (and of course hope that doesn't happen for the developers). Would one say RW is relatively well supported with updates and the like? And if it were to stop being supported, is it in a state now where it can stand alone well enough?

-RW can integrate with HeroLab. I checked HeroLab and saw it has integration with Pathfinder. I would assume other 3.5 content would have to be entered in by me? I'm really not looking for something to run combat for me, I prefer to do that with dice and paper for nostalgia sake But would you say HeroLab is almost a must with RW simply for being able to integrate stats directly into RW easily?

I think those are all my questions. Thanks for taking the time out to read this and any insights provided.
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