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I've got some new players that I print out sheets for. In order to make their lives easier, I'm making mine more difficult. I want to add Claws (Primal Savagery) to their attacks. I've tried copying both Dagger and Spell attack, but neither gets me where I need to go.

Problem 1: The "weapon" shows up under Martial Ranged Weapon. I'm assuming that this category is something that the program decides based on the Proficiency Required field. Ultimately, I would LOVE to group effects like this on their own. Is it possible to set a category, or do I have to move the proficiency back to Simple to get it out of there?

Problem 2: Is it just me, or does the weapon selector modal use the Fixed Range Dam as the display value?

Problem 3: This is a stretch goal for sure, but I'll throw it out there. Instead of having to create a new version of this weapon for every 5 levels, does anyone have a script to force the cantrip scaling damage?

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