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I purchased HLO and all of the Starfinder accessories yesterday, intent on having them available on my iPad for use at GenCon. I figured no problem, its browser based...

Had trouble when I tried to login. I reviewed the system requirements and noted the following stated there:

iPad 4th generation with iOS 10 or higher

Yup, I am using a 4th gen ipad and the ios is verified to be 10.3.3 (no upgrade available). I realize this is actual lower limit of the system requirements.

Here is what I am encountering:

Logging in with Apple's proprietary browser Safari: Unable to login, connection terminated before entering login information, statement displayed states, "Please update to latest version of Safari." the word safari is a link to, but is utterly useless for ipad users.

Logging in with Google Chrome (version 71.0.3578.89, newest version that will download to iOS 10.3.3): able to complete login and taken to the character selection screen; character selection window is cut off just below create character, new folder, create from library... buttons. It will not scroll to folders or characters. Buttons function, but this still does not permit access to characters. Menu options in the top bar are accessible and seem to function correctly.

Logging in with Firefox: No idea, was unable to download a version of Firefox from the Apple Store. iOS 10.3.3 is not supported by the newest version of Firefox and an older version is not available for download.

Logging in with Microsoft Edge: Same results as logging in with Safari, exactly the same, including direction to "Please update to latest version of Safari."

I hope there is something that can be done to help me access the application from my iPad, though I understand if it is just too obsolete. If nothing else, perhaps some consideration can be given to reviewing and adjusting the minimum system requirements to more accurately reflect the most recent changes in browser development.
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