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Originally Posted by rob View Post
While Iím disappointed in myself and my recovery, I canít do more than press forward.
Stop being ridiculous, Rob. Disappointed in yourself and your recovery why? This is nothing you have control over. All you can control is taking the time you need to get better, and making sure that's your priority. All most of us have been asking for have been some sort of communication, and you've now provided that in spades.

A few months ago, my mom had an issue. She had been recovering rather well. Then, one day, as if someone flipped a switch, she took an unexpected downturn. A couple weeks ago, I sat by her bedside all night and all through the morning as the nurses told us she could go any time. I was holding her hand as she took her last her last breath.

So ----ing take care of your ----ing self. And get better.

That said, I am getting a modicum of work done these days. Progress on Realm Works is being made Ė just not nearly at the pace any of us were hoping for.
Good. Right now, it shouldn't be at the pace we're hoping for. Or to flip that around, the pace we should be hoping for is the pace that allows you to get better.

While itís by no means the improved product you all deserve, the weekly progress updates will provide a clearer sense of whatís being worked on and how itís progressing, allowing everyone to follow along as I accomplish what I can.
What we deserve right now is simply communication. Don't be a workaholic. I know that's easier said than done, but still. Get better.

In my last replies to you, I know I got a little heated about a particular incident, and I apologize for that. With your recent explanations, I understand that there were extenuating circumstances, and you weren't your normal self, and I should have known better, because that sort of thing was out of character for you. So I wholeheartedly apologize for that. Get better.
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