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Thanks for the link to the latest Beta I will have a look at it. I had not thought to contact you directly, as I have mainly been using the 40K and Battletech AB files, and the 40K one has the AB40K maintainers link to go to. So noted if I need to inform you of any new bugs I find.

As to the last question about the ranged weapon for a hero of the solar system. the basic stats for a ranged weapon of a ranged warlord is in the chart bottom of page 88 (rule book) with the stats I have listed. R:24 ST :14 ROF:3 AVV:2 Plasma or Piercing*. The can then be modified to allow the weapon to be rail or blast, and increase the weapons stats and even reduce them for ROF and AVV if you need to save on points. (chart top of page 89).

I am using Bauhaus, although it does not matter which Mega Corporation you use it for, the weapon should be the same for all corporations. I suppose from a programming point of view though, you need to locate the glitch.
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