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OOOoooo...gotcha. Thanks!

I want to have an option on a parent unit that if selected certain children get the option, while others don't.

The game mechanics are like this:

A squad has a squad sgt and several squad members. All members of the squad start with a basic assult rifle which has an underslung grenade launcher. Each individual member of the squad can take a rather large varitey of options which are unique to them. For this example, that main assult rifle can be swapped out with a missile launcher, or a greande launcher, flame thrower, etc. Up to two members of the squad can upgrade their main weapon this way.

Also, one squad per platoon can swap out the underslung grenade launcher with an underslung trench sweeper laser. Of course, if you have upgraded to a flame thrower, you don't get the underslung trench sweeper laser.

So, AB wise, the parent is the squad itself, the sgt and the normal troops are the children. I use hidden stats to pass up to the squad from the troops if they have taken a "special" weapon, which then passes to the platoon where rules validation takes place. Each trooper has an assult rifle added through an option of nature auto with a remainder group of mainweapon, which has a upper limit of one.

Weapon upgrades are options on the troopers that have an exclusion group of one main weapon.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to have an option on the squad to swap each members main weapon if it is an assult rifle, but not if its a "special" weapon.

Hopefully that made sense
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