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Originally Posted by saintaurik View Post
When I go to the Character option at the top of the tool bar, then select Configure Hero the list shows that the players guide to forgotten realms IS indeed selected. I did examine the list closer and it has something right under Open Content from Unearthed Arcana called pFRCS. Does anyone know what source pFRCS actually is?
I believe it was meant to be a Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting source, but it was removed from the community set. So, if you are still seeing it you must have some of your own user files with things that use it.

The reason it only happens with older portfolios is that if you have a character that uses that source, and its suddenly gone it will complain. Re-saving he portfolio should resolve it. If not, you can also trying going to the menu and selecting Portfolio -> Strip Missing Sources if its available.

I recommend looking through your files for something that uses that source and then re-sourcing it to something in the Forgotten Realms section.
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