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OK I just got the new Lawfulg updates. HE and I seem to have the same idea for naming files. lol

anyhow I get this error each time I open any character I have saved before I updated with the new stuff from him. Anyhow I deleted all conflicting files he and I had and I still get this error.

the error reads as follows:

One or more required sources are not accessible for hero 'Hengar Aesnvaard'. Subsequent errors may be the result of this problem.
Critical information not found in data files: Source 'pFRCS'

Hengar Aesnvaard is a barbarian character I made.

Does anyone know what this is trying to tell me?
I apologize for not being savvy with this program and the intricacies involved.
I should have backed up my files first.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone might have.
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