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Quick status update:

Still working on Champions of the Spheres. I've finished the Sage and Prodigy classes (including a "sequence tracker" configurable for the Prodigy). The Troubador is my current project, and it's a time-eater because Personas ended up requiring custom UI work (I tried a couple of configurable-based approaches but they didn't pan out).

After I finish principal work on Champions (but before I release it), I will do a bugfix pass to address the issues reported here. I will most likely update SoM and SoP a couple days in advance of handing off Champions.

On a related note: does anyone here use both SoM and SoP on an iPad? I'm trying to help someone who's getting duplicate-thing errors and I'm forced to rely on speculation at the moment since I don't have any iDevices. Can you describe the process of installing an external package in this environment?
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