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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post
I don't know if they'd change the program to support a maximum on Bonds.

The background "bonds" are actually pretty much freeform fields, you can type over whatever you random roll to customize it. Nothing stops you from typing two bonds in the one text field.

Otherwise, you can create your own variants to every background or an adjustment that touches the following:

hero.childfound[BackCheck].field[BondMin].value += 1

That code above can run First/10000 and it changes the number of minimum bonds required by 1. You could port this into an adjustment that every time you up the counter, the value goes up, requiring the user to put in another bond.

You can also look at the BondCurr value and write an expr-req that compares BondCurr to 5 and throws an error if you go above 5.
Originally Posted by Mergon View Post
If the length of the additional Bond text isn't too long, just add it to the existing Bond?
I wasn't entirely sure of how to work this. the second idea here, to just add to the Text might work best. although, having a backup idea won't hurt. thanks for the ideas guys and i hope you all have a great day.
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