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Originally Posted by Fenris447 View Post
I think OP should be okay. IIRC, cantrips are one of the few things in 5e to scale entirely with total level, agnostic of levels in particular classes.
Yeah, but if you want to script anything that uses the "spellcasting ability" it's not clear which tag you'll want to play with for the attack and damage bonuses.

Like if a cantrip at the race level states specifically, "Constitution is your spellcasting ability when casting this cantrip." You might want to look at putting the override tags on the "weapon" like:


These tags are borrowed from the Pathfinder code - they don't always work, but when they do it is very convenient. Last time I used them, they worked but haven't tested it in a couple of patch cycles. It's nice to see a ranged spell attack using the correct stat.

I was thinking though you might have a dual spellcaster that has one stat that would be preferential over the other. It might just be easier to check to see if you have any casting levels and grab the spellcasting stats and assign the Option tags for damage and attack bonus (DamageOpt.X, MelAttOpt.X and RanAttOpt.X, where X is one of the stats like aCON).

If that makes sense.
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