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Originally Posted by Ambush View Post
I've got some new players that I print out sheets for. In order to make their lives easier, I'm making mine more difficult. I want to add Claws (Primal Savagery) to their attacks. I've tried copying both Dagger and Spell attack, but neither gets me where I need to go.

Problem 1: The "weapon" shows up under Martial Ranged Weapon. I'm assuming that this category is something that the program decides based on the Proficiency Required field. Ultimately, I would LOVE to group effects like this on their own. Is it possible to set a category, or do I have to move the proficiency back to Simple to get it out of there?

Problem 2: Is it just me, or does the weapon selector modal use the Fixed Range Dam as the display value?

Problem 3: This is a stretch goal for sure, but I'll throw it out there. Instead of having to create a new version of this weapon for every 5 levels, does anyone have a script to force the cantrip scaling damage?
You can write a script that scales damage with level, but do be careful which spells you implement it with... Eldritch Blast and other spells that fire single beams at higher level do not scale with level, they just give you additional attacks...


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