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I've noticed a few issues while creating a Warpriest (Sacred Fist) using the iPad app. I do not believe these are iPad-specific issues, but I have not verified using the desktop version.
  1. Sacred Fists receive bonus feats. On d20PFSRD it states "At 12th and 18th levels, a sacred fist gains either another style feat or a feat that requires a style feat as a prerequisite." However, in Hero Lab I am limited to strictly Style feats; I am unable to select feats with Style prerequisites (e.g., Monkey Moves) at 12th level for the second bonus feat.
  2. When multi-classing with Monk, Flurry is calculated incorrectly. It appears Flurry is calculated as if the character had equal levels of Monk and Sacred Fist, nearly doubling the Flurry bonus values.
  3. When multi-classing with Monk archetypes that eschew Flurry (e.g., Monk of Many Styles), Flurry is completely negated. It is my understanding that a Sacred Fist should retain Flurry through its class levels.
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