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One of the PCs in my Wrath of the Righteous game is probably going to take the Mythic Extra Hex feat, from Legendary Games' Mythic Hero's Handbook. That lets the witch (or shaman, in this case) take a magus arcana, oracle revelation, or rogue talent as an ability - in this case, the shaman wants Channel. I know Legendary Games is working on getting their mythic stuff implemented in Hero Lab, but my player is ready to take the feat now.

So, I don't need to implement the whole feat. I'm just need a way to add oracle channel energy to a shaman, in the quickest way possible. I tried creating a feat, and bootstrapping oracle channel in it, but that didn't quite work. Before I spend hours working on it, I thought I'd see if anyone knew how to do something like that.

Any ideas?

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