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Originally Posted by WayneLigon View Post
What's happened is this. I updated to the latest version, 3.6c. When I start HL, it keeps trying to check for updates. It keeps doing that forever. If I stop it, it says it can't get download updates at this time. I downloaded the update file directly from you, but everytime HL starts, it just searches for updates forever.

If I stop it and load a game system, it tells me it's running in demo mode.

I have my license number. Trying to re-activate it, it says it cannot reach the licensing server every single time. No AV stuff I have has ever interfered with it before, and I even turned off my AV.

Update. Removed Hero Lab, downloaded from site, Pathfinder and M&M HLs. Imported both into HL (which still continuously tries to run an update), tried to re-activate license: still told it can't reach the license server. Made sure Window Firewall has an exception for Hero Lab.
I've forked this topic into a separate thread so that it's more easily discoverable by others who may run into this problem in the future. Please see the post below.
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