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Originally Posted by rob View Post
There is no dependency between Hero Lab and the Cheeseweasel site. You should be able to run Hero Lab without any issues, even if the Cheeseweasel site is down. You won't be able to retrieve new material from the Cheeseweasel site, but all material that you've already pulled off the Cheeseweasel site is now local to Hero Lab and can be used without needing further access to the website.
What's happened is this. I updated to the latest version, 3.6c. When I start HL, it keeps trying to check for updates. It keeps doing that forever. If I stop it, it says it can't get download updates at this time. I downloaded the update file directly from you, but everytime HL starts, it just searches for updates forever.

If I stop it and load a game system, it tells me it's running in demo mode.

I have my license number. Trying to re-activate it, it says it cannot reach the licensing server every single time. No AV stuff I have has ever interfered with it before, and I even turned off my AV.

Update. Removed Hero Lab, downloaded from site, Pathfinder and M&M HLs. Imported both into HL (which still continuously tries to run an update), tried to re-activate license: still told it can't reach the license server. Made sure Window Firewall has an exception for Hero Lab.

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