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I am also going to be using the 4th edition mutations, but limit the number for each character for the campaign I am going to run. 5 mutations at the start seems excessive. I am the type of GM though that if a player can come up with a reasonable backstory and explanation for a character's attributes, abilities and such, then I will probably allow it, as long as the character is balanced. And I will not have classes at all in this.

I have an idea for an npc that is a mutant plant. The character is a corsage worn by a mayor of a town who like to dress very proper. The corsage is actually controlling the mayor, who is a puppet and has been for years. The town is unaware that their town is really being run by an inanimate flower with powerful mental mutations.

Also, I'm probably going to be changing a lot about Gamma World, at least tech-wise. The advanced tech will be few and far between, and will probably only be found items. Robots will be a fairly rare thing, as well as power armor and such. In some areas, they may have an almost myth-like status.
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