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Even with only my 8 custom categories, exporting a "clean" structure file, and 4 "clean" preserved exports (PHB, MM, DMG and UA), I'm still getting "Parameter is not valid" after the second import file (MM). However if I import the unpreserved versions, I get duplicates for 5 of these categories (I'd have expected to get dupes for all 8).

The weird thing is that my MM import duplicated the Spell category, but there are no spell articles in that export. However, it didn't duplicate the Character, Deity or Psionic Discipline categories, which don't have articles either. Seems inconsistent.

I'm checking to see if the dupes created are consistent across all 4 import files.

Something that comes to mind as I write this: I wonder if maybe some of the articles aren't reset to the final category structure? I know I was evolving them as I was working on the data so some of them might not conform to the full section/order configuration.

I'll have to check that out after I (possibly) narrow the field further.

I'll keep at it.
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