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Ok, did a few more updates to the file I list above..

Added the sublists for the Overlords. So, that I can actually have the place for someone to help me with #2 above.
  1. In a freelance (or by default) a Onyx Chevalier should be considered a unique solo
  2. In an all Overlords (main faction) group, the OC should be considered non-unique solos
  3. In the Overlords: Onyx Legion sublist group, the OC should be considered non-unique and also can be played as either a solo or an elite.
  4. In an Overlords: Followers sublist, the OC is not even allowed to be in it.

I am able to achieve D.) easy enogh by not including it in the race. But, I am still not sure how to change the unique vs non unique, and also solo vs solo and elite.

Any help is appreciated..
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