Thread: M&M 3rd ed. Toughness Immunity Bug
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Old September 11th, 2012, 05:47 AM
I made a character with Toughness Immunity and now his PL is affected by his Stamina.

The build is here. His Stamina (and therefore Fort and Toughness) are 14, but his Dodge, Parry, and Will are all 6 or less, shooting for a PL10 character. Adding Toughness Immunity to him seems to throw off the PL tracking, making it 14. Experimenting, PL the goes up and down with Stamina, and increasing Dodge or Parry to higher than Stamina makes PL follow that trait.

I know there are similar issues with Fort/Will Immunity, I just haven't used Toughness Immunity often and thought this should be reported.
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