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Originally Posted by Bijar View Post
Thanks Mathias for your help, but I'm still struggling.
I tried what you said and now the option shows up under the menu Character>configure hero tab>Click to change Hero settings
in the user defined box but sadly it does not do anything.
I tried every available search sequence from 0-40 on 0 and 1 the program crashes and on 2 and higher nothing happens. It has me stumped.

I even tried replacing Sum to 10, but to no avail.
I'm doing something very similar and I just figured out what Mathias meant about creating a new source.

At the bottom of the list where you select the parameters of character creation, there is a source box. You have to edit that, click New source at the top of the next page and then OK. Once you've filled in next page you'll see it in the character options menu.
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