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Originally Posted by Bijar View Post
I created a mix of buy to ten and high life rules: High life count to fifteen.
I started out with a copy of High life and changed All entries in Priorities allowed to 4 and Points to distribute among to 15. The search sequence is still 50 and all other setting are the same except for the name and unique id and the summary text.
I test the script and it says it can be used, but the script is not available in the Character>configure hero tab>Click to change Hero settings
How do I select this character creation cost mechanic?
As it says in the "Search Sequence", the lower search sequence number will be used, so don't leave it at 50 - change it to something lower if you want to overwrite an existing option.

If you haven't changed the source, then what you've done is to overwrite the High Life option (although if the search sequence hasn't changed, it will randomly pick between the new version and the old version, since they're both at the same sequence number).
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