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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
If this turns out to be the reality with PF2,
How much of a conversion guide the final book is going to have is not 100% finished and I don't think will be until 2019. But PF2 is not being marketed as being backwards compatible like PF1 was to 3.5 or how monsters are in Starfinder to Pathfinder.

This time pretty fundamental changes are happening to the core rules engine instead of heavy tweaks like PF1 was. I think you would be best to plan that backwards compatibility does not exist this time.

Originally Posted by Farling View Post
(or stick with PF1, if they'll continue to produce adventure paths and modules for it).
I think it was August of 2019 all support for PF1 ends. That is the official announcement from the CEO of Paizo. The last PF1 adventure path is Return of the Runelords I forget what the last PF1 module is.

Basically when PF2 launches at GenCon 2019 no more PF1 material from Paizo is going to be produced (3PP are NOT being stopped from producing PF1 material). Now then the PF2 modules/adventures would still be usable for its story and ideas. But you would most likely need to swap out a PF2 monster with a PF1 monster or manually convert yourself (or wait for others on the net to do it).

I am pretty happy with the changes I have seen from Paizo so far. Honestly since playing Starfinder I was not looking forward to DMing Pathfinder again. Its just been such breath of fresh air with Starfinder rules that I was not looking forward to the issues of PF1 again. Though I do wish Dead Suns had a better and more logical story.

Maybe worth looking at PF2 to see what the Paizo team can really do when not shackled to the 3.5 engine. I looked at 5e and did some help with the guys to setup 5e community Pack. I was not impressed with what I saw actually. 5e super simple design and game play with never gaining power as you level is not for me.

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