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When you make a bad decision (one that you stated was bad years ahead of time), the modern business method is to just shove all your resources into it and force it to be semi successful, instead of backtracking and correcting the original mistake.
It's called "economics". When you bet the family farm, that bet must pay off or... you lose the farm.

The only companies that can get away with abusing that rule have so much money that it doesn't matter. Some tech companies (Alphabet/Google, Apple) and investment houses (Vanguard, Fidelity, etc), for example.

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What I (and others) had asked for 5 or 6 years ago, was simply adding an API to the hero lab software [...]
Except this isn't so simple. In fact, it's a lot of work. And it doesn't have any immediate payoff either, unlike converting Paizo books into data sets.

Given the current UX around HLC, I would be willing to bet that it would be significant work to retrofit any kind of "plugin" API. Speaking as someone who has seen a lot of "enterprise" code first hand, very little of it is any good from an architectural or design standpoint. It might've been top-notch at first, but later developers come along and don't adhere to the design philosophy or architectural choices made by the original team, so things quickly go to pot.

HLO is only a 'fantastic' decision, if it didn't mean the abandonment of the HLC platform. To date, I don't believe they have made any indication that future systems will be developed for HLC at all.
Many companies preserve and even develop their legacy products, even if they've decided their future lies elsewhere. Car manufacturers badly want to be in the electric market, but know that their expertise is in fossil fuel designs, so they plan for a long transition (measured in years or even decades).

But they have the capital to sustain that kind of time frame, LWD doesn't. I have to applaud LWD for taking the plunge into web technologies to service their customers, I just don't think it'll work out for me.

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...and again, in less than a day, the thread is back to arguing about HLO.
Dude, this is the INTERNET! What did you expect was going to happen?! It's already been established that there's not enough information about PF2 to have an informed discussion, so we need a proxy. Hence, HLO v. HLC. "Battle of the Century!"

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