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I've submitted 3.0 for release! FYI, I'm holding off on Spell Adjustments until the next release. There's a lot to do there, and I've already gotten started. But I'd rather get 3.0 and all its goodness out to everyone first, instead of holding it back while I start this new endeavor.

Special thanks to Mergon for all the work he did with the pre-release Artificer. He put in a lot of time with it, regardless of what I did or redid. Also thanks to jbearwillis for some groundwork he did on companions, which helped set the stage for the Primal Companion (which, in turn, allowed me to do all the other new companions in this release).

And thanks to all of you guys for continuing to support this! I don't know how many actual people use or enjoy the work I do, but I'm happy so long as it's helping someone.

Feel free to stop by the Lone Wolf Development Subreddit, for discussion of any and all LWD products and community efforts!
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