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So are you talking about using the Spell-Less ranger class that has already been made, which dungeonguru correctly points out is a separate class in the Community Pack, or are you looking to create a variant feature for the default ranger that converts it into the spell-less ranger?

To answer your original question about how the configurable pulls the Ranger variant features, take a look at one of those features. Those features have tags that indicate they should be available to the variant ranger configurable. Hero Lab collects all the features with that tag, and makes them available to the Variant Ranger configurable/tab.

To create a new Ranger Variant feature, you'd just have to add that same tag.

But as a heads up, I'm re-working how all the variant features work. They're being consolidated into a single "Tasha's Variants" tab, along with the variant Racial features. They'll work a bit differently, using abCategory tags + dynamic tag expressions for the abilities menus in the new Variants configurable, instead of individual configurables and the tags to make them available to that config.

It's totally cool if you want to keep doing what you're doing, but just know you'll be using the UA version of these features, not the (eventual) release.

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