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Originally Posted by CapedCrusader View Post
OK, status update:
Anything else I need to look at?
I hate to bring this up but I just found something that I don't think made the list.

Scholar Edge (edgScholarSWADE)-
1) Description is not what it is in the book:
Current coded:
Pick any two Knowledge skills that you have a d8 or better in. Add +2 to your total whenever these skills are used. Yes, those who study military history have a natural edge when commanding troops in mass battles - a +2 to a Knowledge (Battle) roll can mean the difference between a rousing victory and a crushing defeat.
Pick any one of the following skills: Academics, Battle, Occult, Science, or a Smarts-based “knowledge”-type skill allowed in your setting, and add +2 to the total whenever they’re used.

This Edge may be taken more than once if applied to different skills.
2) Uniqueness - Currently seems to be Unique. It should be No as it can be taken multiple times with different skills...
3) User.Activation ? - Does this need to be user active? it seems to me that the bonus is always active.

Working on -
  • (SWADE) WIP Savage Rifts
  • Savage Rifts (Deluxe): Update link in This post
  • Star Trek Adventures: Update link in This post
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