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Originally Posted by CapedCrusader View Post
OK, on #1 I'm looking into it. This did not cause an error previously, so something in the core must have changed.
On #2, sometimes that happens, where it doesn't display properly until you shift screens and return. I've seen small examples of this and there's not much I can do about it from my end. It's got to do with what triggers the refresh of the whole stack. The way this program works is that anytime something changes, it starts from the top and re-figures everything. Sometimes you get an event that does not trigger the whole stack, and you get this. I see it affect the Shaken indicator being red or not after recovery on the In-Play tab. Everything else refreshes but that one thing until you shift screens. This appears to be another example. Thanks for nailing it down, every example we can find makes it easier to diagnose and solve.
For #2, when I look at arMelee and arRange in tab_armory.dat, those portals do not have alwaysupdate="yes" set on the table, which means that the display of the items on that table will not be updated until a pick is added/deleted from the character (note that using "merge existing" doesn't create a new pick - it just changes the quantity field on the existing copy). The spSpecial portal in tab_special has an example of this setting in use, so add that setting to those tables to fix this.

So in this case, it's purely a visual refresh issue, not a data update issue.

The more you use alwaysupdate="yes", the slower updates will be, because there's more to update (although it's small enough that it's not going to be noticeable for just one or two tables), but in PF, we've accepted that cost and added it to most every table a user can see.
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