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Bah!! Bah, I say to you, sir!!

After all, if the contents are being stored in a seperate pocket dimension, why is there weight at all??

Truth is, I was going to try to compute the 'percentage weight shunted', but I figured that was just too much a pain in my tuckus, so ...

edit: ... so I went ahead and did so anyhow.

Change the weight-negation text to the following:
~ Our contents' weight caps out!
if (field[gearNet].value >= field[gWeight].value ) then
field[gearNet].value = ( ( field[gearNet].value - field[gWeight].value ) / field[gHeldMaxWt].value ) * ( field[abValue].value - field[gWeight].value ) + field[gWeight].value
This divides the carried weight by the maximum carried weight. The item will always weigh the baseline, but the 'weight of the portal' is a percentage of the weight carried.

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