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All right, so I'm working on a personal tweak for bags of holding, in that instead of weight X lbs., they'll weigh something like 0.5 lbs (what a normal sack weighs), plus whatever's contained inside, up what that particular bag of holding's 'maximum carry weight' is (15 lbs, or whatever), and that anything over that is ignored.

The standard bag of holding weight-negation text, found in the 'gear' button on the left-hand side, is this:
~ Our contents count for no weight at all!
field[gearNet].value = field[gearWeight].value
Altering this so that the bag fills up from standard weight to normal weight, we first create a new field, 'abValue', in the 'Fields' button, with a value equal to the original maximum weight of the bag of holding. Using the type I bag of holding as our example, that makes the value of 'abValue' 15.

We then change the object's weight from its original weight (15 lbs in our example) to that which the item would normally be -- for a bag, 0.5 lbs.

Finally, we change the weight-negation text to the following:

~ Our contents' weight caps out!
if (field[gearNet].value >= field[abValue].value ) then
field[gearNet].value = field[abValue].value
If the bag of holding is empty, or only has a few things in it, the weight of the bag and items is that of a standard bag (0.5 lbs) plus the items. Only when the weight goes over the abValue amount (15 lbs in our example) is it reduced/negated. This allows you to carry an empty Type VI bag of holding (which normally weighs 150 lbs) like the minimal-weight item it might / should be. (Okay, in my opinion in that case, but still.)

I've tested it, it works. I am so happy!!

I'm also creating larger handy haversacks, which is what this was originally for, but it's the same functionality.

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