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Originally Posted by ErinRigh View Post
Well if you go to manage categories and scroll down to spell, you can duplicate it or create sub-categories with the tools icon beside spell
I can do that but it does not seem to fit having the parent article (low, middle, or high magic) identified as a Spell/Power and then a container under that having the professions and then sub containers with the actual spells for each profession. Whereas those same spells are aptly identified as a Spell/Power.
Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
What would a link to a category point to?

Maybe you want a link to container level list instead?
The issue is I already have all the skills input and if I can move them to a "Skill/Ability" Container then I would be adding an unnecessary level to the tree as it is. Attached is a screen shot. BTW, attaching screenshots is a real pain on these forums, it can only be so big, then it has to be certain dimensions.....
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