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1. Is there a way to create a link to a Mechanics Reference Category? I want to create a link directly to the Skill/Ability category for a bunch of snippets I created on character creation but it will not allow me to create a link to that category.

2. I would like to start adding the spells of the system I use to the Spell/Power sub-category under the Abilities category. It seems easy enough to just click the add button. But, first there are 3 different articles spells fall under, they are: Low Magic (cantrips), Middle Magic (regular spells), and High magic (arcane stuff, not for the masses). Secondly under Middle magic there needs to be a section for each profession (class) and each spell would fall under a single profession or more.

I would like to have the first sub category under Spell/Power be something other than the base Spell/Power article like maybe a General Gameplay article.

RW does not allow one to create an article like that under Spell/Power category. What work-arounds has anyone here come up with?

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