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Story almanach is one option, although I personally use it to separate stuff for single adventures. For example in my current campaign my players are searching seven sigils. The search for each one compares to an adventure module and each one gets its own view.

My campaign isn't near the end yet, but I do intend to use the realm and the world for the next one too. I don't like handling several realms for the same game world. So I created a storyline topic for the campaign, put the story quests under this and scenes on the next lower hirarchy.

So long story short: everything campaign and story related is in the Events category under a storyline topic or a sidequests event lists. All the rest of my world is story-agnostic and in the appropriate categories.
Of course, if my players change something in the world (e.g. they've built a mill run by intelligent rats!), I'll put that down in the relevant topic.
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