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I am in the process of adding every official magic item to RW for the game I run. There are probably at least a couple hundred separate items to add. I looked at the special item category but there is no way to add items to specific categories. So I turned to general equipment articles. In there I have the primary "contained article" of of HARP magic items, then I have the specific contained articles like: Armor and Shields, Potions, Weapons, etc. Then under each category I have each magic item.
In the process of adding them I realized most of the magic items only have maybe one or two sentences max for their descriptions, so there has to be a better way.

My first idea is to have a contained article for each group like: Armor and Shields, Potions, Weapons, etc. Then create separate snippets for each specific item within that contained article.
That is unless there is a article somewhere that I missed that already contains this that I have not discovered yet.

Does anyone have other ideas for my dilemma?

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