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I've tried many things But I can't find the way to make this.

I want to remove the error off of a "Young" Character that has class levels. The Character was granted/given/cursed with a "Young" body with his/her original mind (That had class levels)

Hero Lab Requires all Young characters have no class level other than NPC Class Levels, like commoner, Warrior, ect...
It gives a validation error.
I know, I could just live with the Validation error, The DM/GM is what made my character this way, but my OCD says "FIX IT YOU DUMMY"

So I'm looking for a script/bootstrap/ect... to put in an adjustment, that will. allow me to pick a a pull-down that populates with validation errors on the character at the time and forcibly validates the one you choose so the RED will go away.

This would be helpful in other situations too if it handled all validations not just the one in my weird character, for when the DM/GM says just do it anyways. Especially when it involves things that get disabled when the don't validate.

I have tried and I can make some individual validations change but not with this particular character issue. And the General Adjustment/Fix for a broad fix it has got me chewing my finger to the bone.

Thanx for looking at the post.

P.S..Side note I found, a hero lab error: when making a custom Race in the editor, if the race is category quadruped(8 Legs) and undersized top body (like a tauric creature) that uses the undersized weapons check. It does not calculate the extra load that can be carried based on number of legs. I did not try to hard on this fix, just added an eval script

The Increased load based number of legs was an implied rule not a stated rule, validated through the Pathfinder forums with a staff member. I would need to re-look it up for a direct reference, but it does not even calculate any carry capacity multiplier for any multi legged custom race, even if you wanted to follow just the stated rule for category quadrupeds that you put the number of legs in manually.

The 2.5 multiplier is for a (Small Upper body/Meduim lower body) sized Tauric Gnome-Scorpion.

4 legs x=1.5
6 legs x=2.0
8 legs x=2.5

script "pre-levels 10000"
herofield[tEncumLgt].value *= x
herofield[tEncumMed].value *= x
herofield[tEncumHvy].value *= x

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