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- "Vicious" rule states: "...can reroll one of the dice that failed to damage." The actual rule is that the unit can reroll all damage dice of 1s.

- Orclings are missing "Height 0" special rule.
- Orcling regiment is nerve 10/12, not 10/13.
- Orcling horde is nerve 13/15, not 13/16.
- War Drum is missing "Height 1" special rule.

- Big Rocks Thrower should be Ra 4+, De 4+, Att 1. Looks like a column got shifted over.
- Big Rocks Thrower does not have Blast 2D6. It's Blast D6+2.
- Sharpstick Thrower shows Piercing (3); should be Piercing (2). Also, shows Blast D6; should be Blast D3.

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