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The "initsynch" mechanism will mirror the state of the option at the moment the child entity is created. At any time after the child is created, there is zero connection between the two options. Consequently, if the child is attached to the parent via an "include" or "auto" link, the child will be created when the parent is created. If the option is user-selectable for the parent, then it will start out unselected on the parent and therefore be unselected on the child. Selecting the option on the parent after the child's creation has NOTHING to do with the state on the child.

I hope this helps to clarify. If you have something specific you're trying to do, please outline it and I'll see what suggestions I can come up with.


At 06:32 AM 5/27/2006, you wrote:

OK, Mirroring I have working no problem, but I'm stuck on intsynch.

I have a parent unit with the option trench.

I have a child unit with the option trench with an intsynch of trench.

If I understand things right, that means if I pick the option on the parent, it will choose it on the child, but allow the child to deselect it.

However, the child unit never picks up the option initally. I know I can't mess with the link nature like I do with a mirror to get it to show up, so...what did I miss, or what should I be looking for?
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