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I know it's been a long time coming since I took over from Warmonger,
but it's here.

Available in the User Files section, BFG v2.0alpha for AB3.1.

This release includes all the fleets in the Blue Book and Armada, as
well as other material marked core or supplemental on the Specialist
Games website.

The release notes list all of the currently supported fleets.

Keep in mind that this is an alpha level release, so a few things
might be missing or buggy, I keep finding issues as I work on it, but
I need extra eyes at this point. So what I need now is for some of you
to test out the files and provide feedback and bug reports. Post them
in this forum, or at the ab-bfg Yahoo Group.

So have at it!


Space Marine Maintainer for AB3
Battlefleet Gothic Maintainer for AB3
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