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I typically use Herolab to create example characters that I'll make in batches of twenty or so that I'll print out and give my players to look over. I would really like to see a function that outputs all the characters in a portfolio as a batch process, seems to me that it would be as simple as making a foreach statement out of the existing process, but perhaps there's more to it?

Also (and this is specifically in 3e), I built a character who duplicates, and bought up to 8 duplicates and encountered a few problems. The first is that it didn't add 8 duplicates to the portfolio, but only 5 so I can't properly use herolab for combat. I really don't know how it came up with that number since the power is:

Duplication: Duplication 6 (Mental Link, Horde, Multiple Minions 3 (8 minions)

which doesn't have a 5 anywhere in there... Now the second problem is that I would have to input separate stats for each of those duplicates, even though they are supposed to be exactly the same.
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