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Originally Posted by Provos View Post
Here is the script. I just copied from Mathias post and modified it.

var crit as number
if (tagcount[wCritMin.?] > 0) then
  crit = field[chosen].chosen.tagmin[wCritMin.?]
~now, we'll subtract one from the value we looked up:
crit -= 1
~and create a tag for that new value:
var newcrittag as string
newcrittag = "wCritMin." & crit
~Weapons are assumed to have exactly one wCritMin tag,
~so we'll delete anything that already exists,
~and then assign the new tag:
perform field[chosen].chosen.delete[wCritMin.?]
perform field[chosen].chosen.assignstr[newcrittag]
Thanks. This script should work if it's on the weapon. If the script is on a material being applied to the weapon, it won't work. This is because it's looking at the tags on itself. Where is the script? Also, are you getting any errors?
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