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Originally Posted by Silveras View Post
It is something of a double-edged blade, though...

Reporting the bug "properly" ensures that it gets on the internal tracker. More people reporting it helps to gauge the impact on the community as a whole. There are bugs I have reported that are languishing 2+ years later... perhaps because no one else has reported them, they are not seen as impacting enough people to be worth the effort to fixing when there are other bugs that help more people with less effort. By seeing a post in the forums, do more people assume they do not need to report the bug? There may be that kind of impact as well.

At the same time, LWD has asked people to report the bugs in the tracker even when not sure.. because it is easy for them to miss a forum post. Yet, sometimes they still acknowledge forum posts and say that it will be fixed. I think that undercuts the message to use the bug report system.
Yes, getting lots of reports about a certain thing does move it up the priority list. I think I usually only respond that issue X is fixed when either I'm personally embarrassed by the bug or it's something like this where we get a flood of interest on the forums. Who knew so many people were playing life oracles and building their characters around channelling? I guess we know now it's a lot!
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