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The ID assigned to the original Topic is retained on export, so re-importing would be a way to share updates back and forth between realms, technically.

The issues are practical, like forgetting which one in the one with the latest changes, for example, and replacing new with old as a result.

Also, generally, exports tend to be multiple Topics. With potentially thousands of topics in each Realm, maintaining a list of exports at the topic level would be hard to manage.

Likewise, if you have, say, 30 monsters in your original A->B export and 30 in your B->A export... but they are not the same 30, then you might make mistakes again.

My plan, and recommendation, is to treat one of the Realms as a "Master" and only export FROM that Realm to others.

I have a Golarion Master realm that holds 3 Adventure Paths + assorted supplementary materials. I will export some of that material when I start a new game. Monsters would be one export. Regional support content would be a second. The AP I intend to run would be a third, and probably "General world knowledge" content a fourth. So, to support 3 APs I would have about 5 or 6 exports, and I don't really expect all of them to be used together. The value of this is that all Identifiers are recognized from the master into the game copy. If I have multiple groups, I can re-use some of the exports, and as I add more support material, I can re-do the selected exports with updated material and update the game realm appropriately. This would be much harder to manage if I were exporting and updating in multiple directions
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