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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
kUserPts = 8
kUserRanks = 4

PS Sorry the table isn't cleaner. Let me know if it's confusing.
The table is good, I have become accustom to how herolab does similar things to a table ..hahah
On kUuserPts & KuserRanks, I would agree on the divisor to not duplicate the effect.. but I'm still confused as to why its bad to use KuserPts and ok to use KuserRanks? Would seem one is just "pre-class" adjusted and the other isn't?

Kendall's Approach is certainly streamlined to what I was hoping to do... I'm certain I was losing something in my ability to convey what my goal was in translation of "want to accomplish".

2e "skill checks" were fundamentally simpler than 3.5e since most all revolved around a check against the attribute itself. It just gets muddy when the checks are % based and vary based on progression or attribute change.. But hey at least its not a 1e conversion where they had 18/98 strength to factor heheh

@ Both
I do appreciate the help from both of you I'm am certainly at the consider me "dangerous" level of understanding in herolab code writing .. hehehe

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