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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
kUserPts = points spent in skill. this isn't a field you want to be modifying in general. I'm not even sure it's the field you want for finding your modifier. Assuming you want to add this modifier as a bonus, I would do this:

~Modifier to account for additional Intelligence~~
var bonus as number
bonus = hero.child[aINT].field[aFinalVal].value + round(field[kUserRanks].value, 0, -1)

field[Bonus].value += bonus
I thought about that but was under the impression that kuserranks was after all calculations took place for that skill which is why I attempted to go upstream to the points feeding it...
The script above is close, but does not cross class the intelligence points. Seems to add them down stream of the Cross Class Calculations...

So I just added a / 2 behind the aFinalVal Value and that seems to work

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