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Originally Posted by Dark Lord Galen View Post
I presume the KUserPts?

We should be taking the total that the Intelligence attribute (instead of just the modifier by checking the box) lets say 12, and adding the Points in the Secret Sign Skill points assigned, lets say 6, totaling that number and dividing it by 2 to account for cross class skill to get the modifier.

(12+6)/2=9 ranks in the skill
kUserPts = points spent in skill. this isn't a field you want to be modifying in general. I'm not even sure it's the field you want for finding your modifier. Assuming you want to add this modifier as a bonus, I would do this:

~Modifier to account for additional Intelligence~~
var bonus as number
bonus = hero.child[aINT].field[aFinalVal].value + round(field[kUserRanks].value, 0, -1)

field[Bonus].value += bonus
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