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@Vargr is correct that individual reveal is on pending list. But that may not be what you are looking for in this instance. There's another item on the list that may be more helpful to you that may be coming sooner since it's tied to the Marketplace and copying of realms.

Individual Reveal will be useful for campaigns where each character may know more or less than other characters. Evil parties, mysteries, split groups are a good example.

The other functionality that will probably work better for running different groups using the same content could be described as "master realms" for universal info and "child realms" for unique info. The master realm would contain all the universal information your world contains for all campaigns you run in it. The child realms would be updated with new info from the master realm as it is added but reveals would be specific to each child realm. Additionally, the child realms can change, evolve, add information, morph the setting, level mountain ranges, kill NPCs, add towns, etc that are unique to each child realm. This way you can have different groups that all start within the same setting, major world updates are copied automatically to all child realms, but each campaign is unique.

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