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"Incrementally reveal content (including maps) to the players as the PCs uncover the information during play – without compromising what remains hidden and with no extra hassles".
"Easily include different types of content, including images, maps, Hero Lab portfolios, statblocks, audio, video, and virtually anything else."

Sounds pretty VTT to me.

Anyways you both have made it pretty crystal clear that is not the focus of it and just a fancy DM management tool.

Alas I'll have to wait till it's integrated into an actual VTT to pick this up cause I was looking for an all in one. Which is my main complaint about most VTT they do some things really well, but not everything. This is one of the major things lacking from Roll20 imho. Wish I could have both *sadface* Oh well that's how the dice are rolled.

Thank you for responding.
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