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RW is not a VTT and is a very different product than Role20 or Fantasy Grounds. It is a very powerful campaign management tool. So:

1. No. There would be no point. It is not a VTT.
2. It won't allow you to add or move tokens at all. It is not a VTT.
3. No. You can load maps so they are available to the GM at the game and the GM and display and reveal only portions the party has explored, but that is more of an at-table tool. It doesn't manage combat, allow you to move tokens around, etc.

Again, it is not a VTT and has to plans to become one. It would be nice if it eventually integrates into VTT tools like Role20, like it currently links with Hero Lab, but that is not not the road map.

If you are looking for a replacement for Roll20, then RealmWorks is not the tool for you.

If you want an very powerful way to build worlds and manage campaigns, you'll find nothing better.

A better comparison to RW than Roll20 is Obsidian Portal. Obsidian Portal serves a same niche as RW. Roll20 serves a completely different niche.

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